Eat38% of adults are considered obese and are at a higher risk in middle age. Furthermore, obesity costs the nation upwards of $150 billion in healthcare costs and lost productivity (

MoveOnly 21.7% of adults in 2016 met the federal guidelines for aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise (CDC)

Improve1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition with only 44% seeking treatment (

Bottom LineAs a nation, we are falling behind in our health status. We are becoming heavier, more stagnant, and less aware of our emotions. It is time we take a hold of our health and make a change!

What we do: We offer education and resources focused on wellness, weight loss, and becoming your best self. Through educational posts, discussions, and talks, learn how to change the way you think and take control of your health. Through books and resources, always stay prepared and reminded about your goals and aspirations.


Eat, Move, Improve strives to improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of its customers. EMI encourages sound healthy eating, exercise practices, and new ways of thinking to help people along their journey(s) in changing their health and well being.


Eat, Move, Improve will be among the leading and most trusted health promotion companies. it will be a catalyst for healthy, long term change for its customers.


Honesty: True and accurate information concerning nutrition, exercise, and motivation

Authenticity: Using real experiences and stories, creating a sense of relatability and useful messages

Inspiration: While not foolishly over positive, striving to create realistic optimism and material that will inspire others to change their lives

Simplicity: No complex science or diets here. Providing simple material that is easy to understand & use

Community: No Man is an island. Eat.Move.Improve. serves as a support structure for those who want to exchange ideas and offer encouragement focused on improving their health through behavior change